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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions 

All jobs are only undertaken on days when the weather is suitable to venture onto your roof. If the flue cannot be accessed without safety being comprimised, then you may be required to have erected some scaffolding, or order a cherrypicker. This will be discussed at booking or on arrival, as the flue inspection is important. I dont carry extra long extension ladders needed for most 2 or 3 storey homes so these are typically not undertaken. If roof access can be from a balcony etc and it is safe, then it is possible. 

Health and Safety

Whilst attending your site, Health and Safety is paramount. Please keep your animals and children away from the work area. As best practice allows, your job will be undertaken if it can be done so safely. If not, the job will be paused unitl safety is remedied, or sadly the job is not continued.

Inspection Report for each job

As part of the service you get an itemised Inspection Report outlining in plain English the inspection and if anything needs replacing. Usual things are the glass or door seal, and the cowel at the top of the flue. These i can help with.


The privacy of you, your home and surrounds is important. Whilst I do prefer someone to be at home,  there are times when this isnt possible for you. Your possessions and the security of your home will not only be key whilst Im there but i will leave the premises as i found it and secured it when i leave. If i notice anything out of the normal i will contact you.

Service Delivery and Payment

At Action, I aim to offer a next day or same week service. This is however subject to weather, current bookings, and of course weekends which normally are closed. I aim to be with you within the hour time slot agreed at your booking. This possibly may change if a job prior to you has taken a wee while longer, and i will contact you if thats the case.


We accept cheque, cash, or direct internet payment (details at the time). For Property Management Agencies we can invoice you.

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